To investigate the parent-infant relationship through face-to-face interaction video recordings, parent questionnaires, and standard developmental tests

Inviting: infants that are typically developing  and infants with special needs  



A novel Camp setting intervention for children with specific types of Cerebral Palsy


 Inviting: to be announced soon

Early signs of ADHD

Home videos analysis, recorded during 1st year of life of children 7 -17 years old

Needed:  videos of 7-17 year old children with and without ADHD 

Natural History of Cerebral Palsy

 Systematic evaluation of infants and toddlers at risk for CP during the first two years of life.

Inviting: infants at risk or with diagnosis of CP

Parent of child with CP questionnaire

This is a validation of the Italian translation of two standard questionnaires of functional abilities. 

Inviting: parents of children with CP 1-18 years old


A novel intervention study for infants  with both motor and vision difficulties

Inviting: Families with infants with motor and vision difficulties

(Also recruiting in Australia)

FILM Italia

By recordig short videos of your baby on the Baby Moves Smartphone App, our research team can observe your baby’s movements and provide a screening for neurological development. 


A novel home program for infants with perinatal stroke  provided by parents in the home

Inviting: infants who had a perinatal stroke and have asymmetric hands & arms function


Intervention study to improve speech motor abilities in preschool children with CP

Inviting: children 3- 6 years of age, with a diagnosis of CP and speech motor speech disorder