Early Development

 Early Detection

Detection, surveillance and specialised assessments


through Intervention

Novel interventions  for children  in Early infancy and later childhood 

Translating Knowledge

into Practice

Implementing best knowledge

into clinical practice

Networks &


National and international partnerships for achieving common global goals

We are a team of clinical and research professionals, working together to meet the needs of our little patients and their families. We collaborate with experts in the field of neurodevelopment disabilities on the local, regional, national, and International levels. 
In addition to clinical care through IRCCS Stella Maris and Santa Chiara Hospital, our work includes research with infants and families with typical and atypical development. 

Collaborating Institutions & Funders

Pisa SMILE Lab

Email: pisasmilelab@fsm.unipi.it

Stella Maris Research Institute


Viale del Tirreno, 331,

56128 Calambrone (Pisa) PI

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