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NICU neurodevelopmental support

"Care Program In Neonatal intensive care unit: support of neurodevelopment and parenting in Neonatal Intensive Care" is a collaborative effort of SMILE Lab and the Neonatal Unit at AOUP Santa Chiara. Our joint research program for infants hospitalized in NICU and their families is designed to support the neurodevelopment of the infant, the well-being of parents, and parent-child dyadic relationship.
The primary objective of our project is the provision of neurodevelopmental support in the NICU and the study of the effects.  The protocols are embedded into clinical care with the aim toevaluate the effectiveness and feasibility in the Italian context a modified version of PREMIESTART
©, Listening Visits©, and a multisensory stimulation protocol Nelle Tue Mani, which includes maternal infant directed singing and tactile stimulation sequences.



Parents are the primary experts of their child and play a very important role in supporting their health and development- 

The PremieStart is an evidence based program that promotes the active and early involvement of parents within the Neonatal Intensive Care environment.

The program includes structured individual parental training sessions at bedside of their preterm infant.


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