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As a Child Neuropsychiatrist with a joint appointment from the University of Pisa Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Prof. Guzzetta leads the SMILE Lab, Infant Neurology Section  and the Clinical Trials CP Center at IRCCS Stella Maris research Institute. He maintains clinical, research, and administration responsibilities. He has >150 publications in child neurology focusing on the effects of early brain damage on the development of different functions (motor, visual) and the underlying neuroplastic mechanisms with an overall aim of improving early intervention paradigms.

Email: a.guzzetta@fsm.unipi.it


Director | Neuropsychiatrist 

Andrea Guzzetta, MD, PhD


Email: c.antonelli@inpe.unipi.it


Neuropsychiatrist | PhD Student

Camilla Antonelli, MD

My field of interest is Developmental Care and early intervention, assessment and early treatment of cerebral visual impairment. I take part in several projects with the aim to promote development in babies at the neurological risk.


Email: abancale@fsm.unipi.it


Psychomotor Therapist

Ada Bancale,TNPEE


Research Support Manager | Music Therapist

Olena Chorna, MM, CCRP


Email: gcorsi@fsm.unipi.it


Psychomotor Therapist | Vision Projects Assistant 

Giulia Corsi,TNPEE


In addition to clinical work with young patients, I collaborate on several research projects that deal with the study of the typical and pathological development of the infants. During this period I am part of a study which aims to identify potential early markers for autism, coordinating also recruitment, intervention and patient follow-up.

Email: federica.dacunto@fsm.unipi.it


Psychomotor Therapist 

Federica D'Acunto, TNPEE


Psychomotor Therapist | Research Assistant

Sabrina Del Secco, TNPEE


Neurobiologist | Post Doctoral Fellow

Fabrizia Festante, PhD

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Simona Fiori, MD, PhD


Neuropsychiatrist | PhD Student

Viviana Marchi, MD

Sara Mazzotti.jpg

The focus of my research is the early psychological development of infants and children with typical development and developmental disabilities. My field of interest and work concerns also the effects of child disability on parental mental health and wellness of the family and its dynamics.

Email: smazzotti@fsm.unipi.it



Sara Mazzotti, PhD


The focus of my research is the diagnosis and early intervention of disorders of infant language. I observe also the moment of the meal of infants in order to better understand their food management skills, trying to promote child development and relationship.

Email: emoretti@fsm.unipi.it


Speech Therapist

Elena Moretti


​My main research interests concern the monitoring of child at neurological risk and early intervention. I especially deal with the evaluation/treatment of motor and psychomotor problems paying specific attention to hand function.

Email: morlando@fsm.unipi.it


Psychomotor Therapist 

Martina Orlando, TNPEE

I am a post-doctoral fellowship interested at neurological changes in the brain of children with cerebral palsy aged 1 year to 4 years old after a specific intensive motor-skill learning intervention. This intervention, named HABIT-ILE (Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Intervention-Including Lower Extremities), has already proven its efficacy with older  children in the improvement of motor  outcomes and induced changes at the neurological level.

Email: jparadis@fsm.unipi.it


Occupational Therapist | Post-doctoral fellowship

Julie Paradis, OT, PhD

I collaborate in a research project that aims to identify possible early markers of autism, in a population of typically developing children and with low risk factors. I also deal with supporting some research projects carried out in our laboratory. Currently I also carry out some clinical psychological consultations under the supervision of the senior psychologist.

Email: ascabia@fsm.unipi.it


Psychologist | Research Assistant

Aurora Scabia


My main research interests include the study of the child hand function (both typical and with brain injury at birth) and early intervention. I am currently involved in a multicenter study which aims to develop new methods of assessment of hand function in infants.

Email: e.sicola@fsm.unipi.it


Psychomotor Therapist 

Elisa Sicola, TNPEE


In addition to my clinical responsibilities as a Case Manager, my research areas of interest include study of the spontaneous motor activity and the development of intentional infant behaviors (both in the typical population and in children with congenital lesion). 

Email: gessica.tealdi@fsm.unipi.it


Psychomotor Therapist | Clinical Case Manager

GessicaTealdi, TNPEE


The focus of my research is early intervention. I carry out monitoring of the development in the neonatology ward of Pisa Hospital and I deal with the follow-up of preterm and/or at developmental risk born in the above mentioned neonatology ward.

Email: svantaggioli@fsm.unipi.it


Psychomotor Therapist 

Sara Vantaggioli, TNPEE

Collaboration is at the forefront of our team approach

Pisa SMILE Lab

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