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Hammersmith Neurologic Examinations


"Hammersmith Neonatal Neurological Examination (HNNE) is a quick, practical and easy to perform exam encompassed in 34 items assessing tone, motor patterns, observation of spontaneous movements, reflexes, visual and auditory attention and behaviour. It was initially developed by Dr Lilly Dubowitz and Prof Victor Dubowitz in 1981, and updated with Dr Eugenio Mercuri, in 1998.  Many studies have been performed using it in different clinical groups of full term and preterm infants at different ages within the neonatal period.

Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination (HINE)is based on the same principles as the neonatal exam and consists of 26 items that assess different aspects of neurological function: cranial nerve function, movements, reflexes and protective reactions and behaviour, as well as some age-dependent items that reflect the development of gross and fine motor function. The HINE is aimed to be used for infants between 3 and 24 months of age."

from Follow the link to view all resources of the HINE: access, proformas in multiples languages, videos. 

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